The Board Of Life Members

Management of Deccan Education Society On the 13th of August 1885 the Society was registered under Act XXI of 1860. For the management of all matters connected with the Society there shall be four bodies The Council, The Governing Body, Trustees ,The Board of Life-members

No person can become a Life-member of the Society unless he/she promises to work in connection with the institutions of the Society for at least twenty years, and unless he/she be elected, on the nomination of the Society’s Life-members, by the Governing Body. 

  • Shall propose and submit for the sanction of the Governing Body the annual budget for each of the Society’s Colleges and Schools.
  • Shall propose for the sanction of the Governing Body persons to be elected as Life-members or as Principals of the Colleges or Headmasters of Schools or to fill any permanent appointment in a College or School.
  • Shall arrange for the collection of funds for the benefit of the Society.
  • All questions relating to discipline in Schools and Colleges shall be absolutely in the hands of the Heads of the institutions who shall be directly responsible to the Governing Body.
  • All details of management not specially reserved in these rules to the Council, the Governing Body, or the Heads of institutions, shall be left to the Board of Life-members and they may make their own Byelaws for the transaction of their business.


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