DES History

In the year 1880, the late Shri V. K. Chiplunkar with Lokmanya Tilak and M. B. Namjoshi started ‘New English School’ in Pune with the objective of ‘cheapening and facilitating education’. In course of time Shri V. S. Apte, (M. A.), Shri. Gopal Ganesh Agarkar, (M. A.), Shri V. B. Kelkar, (B. A.), Shri M. S. Gole, (M. A.), and Shri. N. K. Dharap, (B. A.) joined them.


This was a revolutionary step because Government Institutions and Christian missionaries were the only agencies involved in educating the masses and the education provided failed to generate leadership for industrial regeneration of a self-governing nation. Private enterprises in education were discouraged. With the idea of providing education to rouse the intellect, drooping will and slumbering conscience of the fallen countrymen, Deccan Education Society came into existence.

To incorporate a regular constitution on a new and more extended basis, these pioneers of innovative education called a meeting of the sympathisers with private education on the 24th October, 1884, and at that meeting the Deccan Education Society was formed and the New English School, (Tilak Road, Pune), placed under its management. On the 13th August 1885 the Society was registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. Since that time several institutions have been created and have been placed under the management of the Society.

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