Governing Body

  1. The Governing Body shall consist of three Life-members and five non-Life-members, the first elected by the Life-members and the second by the non-Life-members of the Council, provided that the non-Life-members must be permanent residents of Pune and must include the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council, who shall also be Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Governing Body.
  2. The Governing Body exists for the special purpose of maintaining discipline and controlling education in the Society's institutions. It shall make all appointments in the Society's Schools and Colleges, shall award punishments, give promotions, direct transfers and retirements, and grant leave and extensions of service; and in all these matters and any other matters relating to discipline and education its powers are absolute.
  3. No text-book shall be introduced into the Society's Schools, or any change made in the course of instruction without the previous sanction of the Governing Body.
  4. When any appointment is to be made or when it is proposed to introduce any new text-book or to make any change in the course of instruction, the Head of the School or College concerned shall inform the Chairman of the Governing Body.
  5. The rates of fees in Schools and Colleges shall be fixed with the sanction of the Governing Body, which shall also have full control over the appropriation of all current funds and over the appropriation of permanent funds for the purposes stated in Rule 32.
  6. The Governing Body shall provide for the terminal inspection as also for an annual examination of the Society's institutions.
  7. At the beginning of each financial year the Board of Life-members shall present to the Governing Body for approval and sanction an account of the expenditure for the year past in each of the Society's Colleges and Schools and a statement of proposed expenditure for the year to come. The budget as sanctioned by the Governing Body shall be strictly adhered to and no extra expenditure shall be incurred without previous sanction.
  8. There shall be at least one general meeting of the Society every year, two meetings of the Council, viz., in January and July respectively, and four meetings of the Governing Body, one on first of each quarter.
  9. All questions before the meeting of the Society or the Council or the Governing Body shall be decided by a majority of votes, the President or Vice-President or Chairman, as the case may be, having a casting vote, in case of equality of votes, in addition to his vote as a member.
  10. The Council shall nominate one of the Life members, the Secretary of the Society and Council. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to call meetings, to issue circulars, to correspond under the direction of the Council and to carry out their instructions.

    Governing Body Members

    - Dr.   Sharad Srikrishna Kunte, Chairman
    - Shri. V. R. Kakatkar, Vice-Chairman
    - Shri. A. B. Bhide, Secretary DES
    - Shri. K. D. Shaligram
    - Shri. M. A. Athavale
    - Shri. R. U. Nimbalkar
    - Dr. R. G. Paradeshi
    - Dr. S. P. Khedkar, Secretary GB
    - Shri. D. A. Kulkarni, Assistant Secretary