Donation Appeal

'KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, ' as a well-known adage goes. We are witnessing its truth in full measure today. We are, in fact, living in what can truly be termed the 'KNOWLEDGE ERA'.

EDUCATION is the foundation of knowledge. Right education, imparted in the right way at the right stages, has the capacity to shape lives and transform individuals into conscientious and responsible human beings. Education is the surest means to achieve progress at personal, social and national levels.

We are sure that, as a well-informed person, you are already aware of the great contribution of the Deccan Education Society (DES) in the field of education. Founded by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Gopal Ganesh Agarkar, Vishnushastri Chiplunkar and Mahadeo Ballal Namjoshi in 1884, DES is among the oldest and most reputed educational organizations in the country. It has been serving the cause of education with distinction for well over 120 years now, and has given a large number of eminent policy makers, scientists, administrators, defence personnel, industrialists, artists and sportsmen to the nation. DES is well-known for its policy of imparting 'high-quality education at affordable costs' . That the DES has eminently succeeded in achieving the twin objective of 'high quality education of sound intrinsic value at moderate cost' is evident from the reputation of several of its institutions.

DES is a 'teacher-managed, student-oriented' educational organization, with liberal traditions and democratic functioning. Its illustrious history speaks for the values nurtured by DES, and shows what private initiative in education can achieve. Dedication and firm commitment to the ideals are our strengths. Flamboyance and ostentation are alien to the DES culture.
P.S. : The contribution may be paid by Demand Draft / Cheque drawn in favour of Secretary, Deccan Education Society, Pune.