Chairman's Message


Shri. Pramod Rawat


D.E.S. - An Institution which fulfills the social, educational & cultural aspirations of the society.

India was reeling under the British rule, when Deccan Education Society's foundation was laid. Renowned social activists, Lokmanya Tilak, Gopal Agarkar and Vishnushastri Chiplunkar, who believed that nationalist education was the only means to revive the self-confidence of the society in order to dispel the darkness of poverty, inequality and illiteracy began in this quest by starting New English School in 1880.

Over the last 137 years numerous leaders, educationalists and social workers con- tributed their might to expand this institution. Many schools and colleges, institutes offering technical, agriculture, law, management, nursing, physiotherapy education- have been established under Deccan Education Society, which now has a spread from Konkan-Mumbai to Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh. Today D.E.S. is known far and wide as one of the excellent educational institutions offering education in various fields. This institution's alumni include two prime ministers, many cabinet ministers, governors, renowned artists, scientists, entrepreneurs and active citizens working in all walks of life. Many universities world-wide have expressed their desire to collaborate with D.E.S.

The teaching and non-teaching staff of DES works diligently with the firm belief that the development of our nation depends on all-round development of the students which includes physical, mental, intellectual, ethical, spiritual and professional development. DES is proud of its students who are contributing for the development of society and the betterment of the world. The educational institutions, the infra- structure, the students and teachers are increasing every year with the blessings of well-wishers for the society. We all, at D.E.S., pledge to work for quantitative and qualitative growth and development of this institution.

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