• Management of Deccan Education Society
On the 13th August 1885 the Society was registered under Act XXI of 1860.

• General Rules and regulations of the Deccan Education Society
  1. The Society consists of Patrons, FellowsLife-members and retired Life-members.
  2. There shall be a President, and one or more Vice-Presidents of the Society, who shall be elected by the Members of the Society.
  3. Trust or Corporate Bodies shall have, for a period of twenty years only, the right of one vote for electing members of the Council of the Society.

For the management of all matters connected with the Society there shall be four bodies :-

  1. There shall not at any time be more than two Trustees of the Society and they shall be appointed by the Society from amongst the Fellows and Patrons of the Society.
  2. The Trustee or Trustees shall have the charge of the permanent funds and property of the Society. The other duties and rights of Trustees are defined in the Trust-Deed of the Society.

Patron : Any person or Trust or Corporate Body contributing Rs. 50,000/- or more to the Society shall be a Patron of the Society.

Fellows : No person can become a Fellow of the Society unless she/he is elected by the Council of the Society and, under ordinary circumstances, unless she/he pays an entrance fee of at least Rs. 5000/-. But the Council shall have the power of electing from time to time distinguished persons as Fellows of the Society without the payment of the entrance fee.

Life members : No person can become a Life-member of the Society unless he/she promises to work in connection with the institutions of the Society for at least twenty years, and unless he/she be elected, on the nomination of the Society's Life-members, by the Governing Body.